The Tempsford Special Duties Squadrons




F/Sgt Albert Heap (left) + friend - can anyone identify the other man, who is a member of the crew of LJ999 (below)?

F'Lt L A Carley (Pilot), F/O T R Peterson (Air Bomber), F/O R J Day (Navigator)

F/Sgt Mayger (W/Op), F/Sgt W Turpin (Air Gunner), F/Sgt D C Logie (Rear Gunner) far right.

F/Sgt A E Heap (Flt/Engineer)

Who is who?



Dicky Richards, John Affleck, John McDonald, Jack Stinson, K Line, Bill Kaus (front right).

Who is who of the others?

Harold Blackett (r) & Bob Clark

Photo provided by David Blackett, Harold's son

Crew of Halifax LL183

Photo provided by David Blackett, Harold's son

Back row left to right

Bill Horrocks (Flight engineer), Alec Paton (Mid upper gunner), Ron Caston (Navigator), Bill Shaw (Bomb aimer)

Front row

Reg Swift (Wireless operator), Alan Aitken (Pilot), Jo White (Rear gunner)


F/Sgt Tass J Kanakos

Photo provided by David Bissland, son-in-law of Naylor Hillary

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