The Tempsford Special Duties Squadrons




Summer Gathering 2011

Operation "Tempsford Brooch"

As a gesture of thanks to Lady Laline Hay (Lal), who is refurbishing the museum,

TVARA members commissioned a brooch (representing the 3 Tempsford Runways).

The brooch was presented to her by W/Cdr Len Ratcliff. Also pictured are veterans

Ken Tattersall (seated) and Tommy Thomas, and Lal's mother, the Countess of Erroll.


"Operation Payback"

...all you have to do is get a few people on an airfield twice a year!

Edwin was presented with a print of Hugh Verity's Lysander "Jiminy Cricket", signed by Verity, and other veterans.

2011's gathering was one of the most successful yet - with attendees from as far away as Australia! The presentations were only a part of a weekend which brought together veterans & relatives from all over the world - enabling them to share their stories and build new relationships.

Austalian relative Ken Hayman in the Barn

He received from Bob binders containing details of all missions carried out by his brother. The plaque which Ken is holding was presented by the Mayor of Longue to his family in recognition of the sacrifice and heroism of his brother P/O Douglas A Hayman in not only laying down his life for France but also steering his crippled and flaming Halifax away from crashing on the township.

Tommy Thomas, Tanya Szabo (daughter of Violette Szabo), Edwin & Bob
Preparation for Edwin's "surprise"!
Len Ratcliff, with Yvette Pitt (daughter of Agent Yvonne Cormeau), and his wife, Dorothy
Tuesday, March 14, 2023 15:24